Lush Eczema Products

As I am a massive Lush fan, I really wanted to try some products on Baby Z. As they are all organic and freshly made, I knew that wouldn’t be the problem. I just wanted to make sure that any product I did use, was good for sensitive skin. As Baby Z had a case of eczema in the first year of her life, I didn’t want to use anything that would irritate her skin, but instead would actually help to keep it moisturised and soft as well as smelling baby great!

So this is what I got…

Fair-trade Honey Shampoo…


Ahhh so wonderful, a beautiful lather that leaves you smelling like honey. It’s perfect for wanting soft and silky hair even on tough thick hair like mine. Even though the biggest bottle it is a little heavy on the purse, it has become a serious family favourite where we are all fighting to get some come bath time! (love)


Dream Wash …

dreamwash lush

For the body and use in the bath or shower. It has properties of calamine so it’s perfect for any redness or dry patches on the skin. Not only that but it smells like lavender so it’s a brilliant addition to relaxing any active mind in time for bed. The only down point that I find personally, as I have OCD on clean bath tubs is that the calamine leaves a residue behind every wash as it is in powder form rather than in liquid form.


Dream Cream…

Dream Cream

A great combination with the Dream Wash, it gives a cooling sensation to your skin and helps soothe any rough patches whilst hydrating your skin. Great for all areas on your body with lots of oat milk and dabs of lavender will help any little baby snuggle up for bedtime.


Lush has definitely come up with a Dream Combination for little people. (and big people alike)…

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