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As we are in the midst of Fashion Week, I thought it would be great to talk about mama fashion. In particular Mama to be fashion. During my first pregnancy, we were short on money so I didn’t splurge on maternity fashion and on top of that I was working full time so was stuck in a uniform which meant very little time to play with my beautiful growing bump and figure.

However once number 2 was on the brink of showing I decided this time was going to be different. I was no longer living in a uniform (woop) so I needed clothes for work that would fit, but I also wanted clothes to feel and look good when I was just going about doing my day to day business. I was a bit broken when I saw the prices for maternity clothes and realised if I wanted a few nice pieces then I would need to splurge. But I held on, until luckily New Look had a sale. I don’t normally rock up in New Look but after looking around, the sale persuaded me to put my money down. I picked up a few lovely pieces that would look professional but also great on as casual with a pair of leggings!

Truth be told I am not a professional dress type of girl, I love my trousers and shirts when it comes to work but by the time I was 3 months I couldn’t take trousers and hated anything tight around my waist so I had to opt for work dresses. I also picked up a pair of lovely comfy maternity tights from boots which went over my little bump perfectly so all in all I was set for work. My favourite for work had to be a stretchy blue and white fitted knee length dress with quarter length sleeves. Not only did it make me look professional with a blazer picked up at Primark but I felt great too. I didn’t feel frumpy or odd shaped, I felt like I had confidence even whilst getting rounder by the day which gave my mood a big boost on the days when pregnancy felt too overwhelming at work.

At home, I went with comfort, with a loose stripy pj shirt that looked trendy yet casual matched with leggings. And when out and about any top that was comfortable with – yes you guessed it… leggings!

Now I am not a big spender – well not on myself anyway. But over the Christmas season I fell in love with a black quarter lace maxi dress from Mothercare. When I mean I fell in love-I mean going there every week before ballet class and staring at it till it went on sale. The reason why I fell in love with this particular dress was because one it was a maxi, two it was long to the ankles! As I am tall I find it hard to find long dresses. It also had 3 quarter lace sleeves which meant I could wear it around family without having to wear another article of clothing. Layers in pregnancy = a no no. Either way once the sale was on and the dress dropped to a very reasonable price that I could justify to purchase something for myself I bought it and I can tell you now, I wore it during my big bump months and even after as – the material very nicely shrunk back to fit a semi decent post baby figure.

During your 9 months of growing a little baby your body goes through immense changes and sometimes nothing looks good! However go with what is comfortable for you. Here I have complied a few pieces that I absolutely love and would like to get my hands on if I was preggers right now.

Mama to be Style Edit;


Boohoo lace Bodycon Maternity Dress – £36

Staying on trend with this seasons hot colour – pink, this dress will be right up your street for when you have a nice day planned out or even a lovely date night before baby turns up. Why not match it up with our Sia teething necklace to really create a pop of colour.


Nautical Nursing Shawl – £49

This shawl is perfect leading up to and even after birth. The combination of white and navy stripes on this soft cotton material will be great for when you need something light to put on top of your outfit during the evening or cooler months. You can also wear it as a wrap around scarf giving you more for your money as well as a multi combo usage of one scarf.


Black Support Leggings – £14

Yes mama! We all love to be comfortable and what better way then when you are in leggings. These beauties are a lifesaver when you literally cannot be bothered to dress up or iron. All you need is a fancy top and some seasonal shoes – voila outfit perfecto!

Work/Office Wear

Maternity White Knot Front Top – £24

Summer is on the horizon – or so it should be. So why not partner up your office wear with this gorgeous smart/casual Front knot top that will flaunt your new body shape but still make you feel mama power at work.


Mama Nursing Dress – £29

Yes I know it’s black and we want to escape black and greys as that is all we see during the winter months. But who doesn’t like a Black dress – not only will it illuminate your growing figure but this dress is light so you won’t feel weighed down on and can be dual worn as a casual as well as evening wear. Two dresses for the price of one is a win win if I don’t say so myself.


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