Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

My beautiful baby girl turned 2 and I honestly cannot believe how time has flown. All I kept thinking was how this little monster was that cute angel that lay in my arms for hours on end. Her personality has changed so much in under a year and so has her love for Disney Junior. Oddly enough you wouldn’t think Disney Junior would be of any use for a 2 year old, but man how wrong was I. From being a massive fan of Sofia to Doc Mcstuffins and then her absolute love… Minnie Mouse!

So when asked what her party should be like… it was very easy, Minnie Mouse’s Clubhouse was the first and last option. So here it is, Mummy’s version of Baby Z’s Clubhouse…Come inside and have some fun!

First thing, was finding a venue… as Baby Z lives in a 2 bedroom flat, we didn’t have enough room to accommodate 14 children plus adults running around hyper on sweets and cake. So we opted for a Pizza Making Party in our local Pizza Hut restaurant. As it was going to be held mid-December, the first problem we occurred was the fully booked restaurants, but luckily we were able to find a free space in Lakeside shopping centre which had a cosy little cornered room that they had set two rowed tables for the kids with balloons at each chair and colouring goodies. As usual, Mummy here loves a theme and has to have a total themed party from table covers to balloons.

Pizza Hut Party Room

So the cake table had a lovely Minnie Mouse café cover on and on that was one of the most delicious Minnie mouse cakes! Yum! We found a wonderful lady who bakes at home and does some wonderful fondant work to your designs for an excellent price. Kaye Manzi was so lovely to work with in order to bring my crazy designs to life. After finding my little ideas online, I showed Kaye the pictures and she mocked up a design. (I ordered two by the way… a chocolate filled one for the party and a vanilla filled for the evening party). The cakes were so soft and you knew it had come from a home kitchen. We had rave reviews all around, as I was so worried of trying someone new… but I know she’ll definitely be a keeper. If you are interested in contacting her for details let me know in the comments below. 

            Chocolate Cake vanilla cake

The party itself was lovely at Pizza Hut, Baby Z couldn’t wait to get her hands stuck into the uncooked dough and the kids loved making their little creations and eating them. With a mix of unlimited sugar drinks and ice cream filled with sweets we had some really happy kiddies jumping up and down.

As we had many different age ranges attending, I decided to do age relevant party bags rather than the usual simple mimic toys. For the little ones 1-2 year old girls, I got them a sticker packet, Minnie Mouse board books and figurine and a packet of yummy sweets.

little girl Party Bags

For the older girls, I made a little packet of clubhouse activity book with stickers, a Minnie Mouse lip balm pot and a selection of sweeties.

Older girl Party Bags

The boys (aged 3-5) as they are harder to please, got Mickey Mouse gifts, from stickers to an activity book and a packet of mixed sweets.

Boy Party Bags

Now the older boys as they were 8 and up aren’t really into Mickey or Minnie but as they were Baby Z cousins, they had to come to her special day, so to give them something to take home, we gave them a big bag of sweets that they were definitely happy with!


As the majority of thing were hand-made (as I love DIY), I made the invites by hand with all bits and bobs brought from Hobby craft, from the different coloured card to the ribbon and pens. After some painstaking time spent trying to make the templates, the final design was wonderful! We had a Minnie Mouse shaped invite in the correct colouring of the party. As well as this, the entrance name badge was also handmade, with one piece of black card cut into the shape of Minnie’s head and a red ribbon and white writing on the face.


As well as the morning party with her cousins and friends, Baby Z also had an evening party at home with her grandparents. As this was a small party, we decorated the flat with lots of balloons and hanging decorations, again all handmade. The swirls were cut out of red and black card, we had hanging Minnie heads along the shelves, balloons on the walls and floor so that Baby Z could play with them. I also attempted to make fringe decorations out of tissue paper from a pin I had seen earlier on Pinterest. After making one (struggling) I got the hang of it and they were actually quite simple to pull off and looked very effective.
photo (1) - Copy             P1020276 P1020274

Both parties went off without a hitch even though I stressed for months in advance (per usual), everyone left happy and my little Mouse had a day to remember with all the people she loves!

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