Moroccan Argan oil

Our little princess is trying to be Rapunzal at the moment, which means if you even go near her hair with a pair of scissors she will run away! Her ultimate aim (which was very similar to mine at her age) is to have hair all the way to the bottom of her feet.

Having said that, she isn’t doing too badly on growing her hair and it definitely helps that her hair is light and straight. Nothing like mine (big bush ahoy)!

However, even though she wants to grow her hair till the centre of the earth she doesn’t let me do anything to help maintain it. So putting and leaving oil on it is out of the question. Instead what I have to do that has actually shown a reasonable amount of difference on her hair is use Moroccan Argan Oil.

After Z was born I was loosing hair in truck loads which was absolutely normal but the condition of my hair started to fail. Which as all us mamas know can make a massive impact on the way we feel. So after much research we came across this natural version of Argan Oil by Miaflora. It didn’t have any bad chemicals only the good nutritional stuff – so it was prefect for sensitive scalps and failing hair. I put 2 drops on my palms and then massaged it into my damp hair every time I washed it. It didn’t leave an oily residue and helped when I was styling my hair too. The oil nourished my roots and gave a conditioned look to my hair as well as strengthening it over time – which meant, little fall outs.

Once Z became 3 I decided it was time to start putting something in her hair as it began to get tangled and the morning hair arguments commenced. After making sure Argan was safe for her age I started to apply a pea size on my palms and lightly massaged it in her damp hair before styling it dry. She didn’t know what it was as I told her it was mummy’s special hair product which made her feel very grown up. Plus the smell of the oil was subtle and relaxing. This over time has helped as a conditioner to her hair, reducing tangles and making it lighter to the touch. The oil strengthened her hair and has also sped up the growth. Meaning Rapunzal length hair was closer than we thought.

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