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I have to say, when my parents first mentioned a ‘Walker’ I was a bit sceptical. Being a first time parent, I was an internet follower and Google was my Bible. Sad, I know, but its so true how many of us fall for it. However, it wasn’t long enough for me to persuade them, that they went out and got Baby Z Mothercares top of the range Walker. So I let it be. As it was, Baby Z wasn’t going to be using it all the time as it would be at theirs.

The first time we went to visit them after the purchase, Baby Z sat in her new gadget and loved it. It took her time but she got the hang of manoeuvring… forward and only forward. I realised she’d got the freedom she’d been craving for a while, as at that time she hadn’t started crawling and was mainly stuck to another person. Watching her move around got me to realise… what was the harm?

Thinking about it, the only reason walkers have such bad reviews is because the child is spending too much time in them on a daily basis. If you keep to the regulated time of 10-15mins a day, its not common at all that something will happen to your child or their style of walking will differ. It all falls on the parent and how they keep their child occupied. Right?

As it is, weren’t we all put in walkers when we were growing up? We all turned out pretty well on the walking side of things no?

This became my argument once I realised the reality of things and I would voice it to others who would say otherwise. At the end of the day, why give something that has been going on for generations a bad name because of a handful of people who couldn’t use it correctly.

I have to say, once Baby Z figured out how to cruise solely she was standing upright and walking within the walker with no need to sit and walk. so my worries of her development were for nothing.

And well now… she a steady walking monkey with no trouble at all. I’m glad we gave her the chance to use the walker (even if it was for a handful of times) just to see that smile of her being free for a few minutes, has helped to encourage her to walk without any type of gadget.


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