Mummy’s daily beauty routine

A while ago I got a lovely array of goodies from Baby Z’s daddy. Overtime this has become my quick six step beauty regime and I’m in love with it!!

Everyone knows how stressful it can be to our skin once we have a baby, with the little sleep, running around like a headless chicken and then the addition of working, housewife-ing and doing all the other mummy duties. We can easily slip into putting ourselves last and that ultimately takes a toll on our face.

So here it is, my step to step guide into getting back our face’s mojo and becoming us once again!


Step one: Morning Routine

Number 7 Wash wipes; I used to use Simple wipes but after being introduced to these wonders, I love them. Simple is definitely a second favourite, but No 7 face wipes leaves your face feeling fresh without the need to wash it with water after. However, as I have a habit of it, I still wash my face with clean cold water and love the feeling of squidgy clean skin.


Step two:

I use Body Shop’s Vitamine E Masque Hydration Intense. As on the pack, this masque does what it claims. I used to use a lot of different masks in the past, but this one is different. It’s cold and light when you cover your face with it. You can feel it working on your skin pretty much straight away, and as it dries up, your face automatically starts feeling hydrated. I use this once a day mainly in the morning after I wake up. What’s better is that right now whilst writing this I have it on my face; which is helpful as I can continue to do my normal duties without the worry of it flaking or falling off.


Step three:

After washing off the Vitamine E Masque, I use the No 7 Sensitive Day cream with a bit of Bio oil mixed in. This not only helps my dry patches, but also helps contour my redness around my nose as well as giving a brilliant dewy look to my make-up once applied. This combo is light even in the heat and to be honest I couldn’t live without it– now it’s been discovered.


Step four: Bedtime Routine

Once I have wiped off my days grub off my face with the No 7 face wipes, my next step is to use the No 7 gentle cleanser. This is great as you can use it in the morning as well as the evening, however I tend to use it in the evening more. The wash focuses on your sensitive points and if you leave it on for a few seconds before washing off, it feels like your skin has absorbed the wash which gives an amazing feeling to your skin after washing it.


Step five:

I next use the No 7 night cream, which is hypo-allergic and perfect for worn out skin. It helps soothe the dried out patches on your skin mine are especially just under my eyes, so the lightness doesn’t increase any sagginess. The moisturiser smells so wonderful with the rose oil and I love that once you put it on, it relaxes your skin and your mind, perfect for bed time.


Step six:

The last step before bedtime, is this wonder device that we bought on a whim. The Facial Massager from Body Shop, is small but mighty. I use this every night by rolling it on my cheeks, jaw bone and even my forehead, the best part is rolling it up and down on my neck. It really helps for relaxing your stressed out points at the beck and side of your neck. This massager works its wonders overnight. As your body is relaxed whilst sleeping, it helps to plump up your skin and work with your blood circulation giving you a glowing face in the morning without the stress of tugging at your skin.



Go on treat yourself… we definitely deserve it!

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