Munchkin 360 Cup: 1 year on

It has been one year since I came across this little goody at Brit Mums Live 2015 and couldn’t resist but get my hands on it. To be very honest I really wanted to write a review on it when I first received it, however over time and with my busy lifestyle it has been put to the side. In a very odd way I am glad that I waited; as a year later I am still one happy Mum.

Now that is saying a lot when it comes to beakers. As we all know, the daily dilemmas of leaking beakers in your bag, difficult parts to clean and in some cases mould can cause any parent to have their own meltdown. But the Munchkin 360 Cup is exactly what it is on the packaging.

Not only is it easy to open (with only three parts), simple to clean but also amazingly it does not leak! You can turn it upside down, side ways up and nothing happens. The sucking motion from your child allows the water to seep up through the holes in the middle section of the beaker and travel through the sides of the top cover. The flow is easy and goes with how ever fast your child drinks – simple.

This beaker helped Z to move on from a constant beaker user to a glass user – and to be honest, you can use this as a solo cup too as once the parts are separated the top of the main beaker is smooth and child friendly.

As a Mum, I tried many different brands and types of beakers but each one had some sort of fault in them, but this one has so far surpassed them all.

As we still use the Munchkin on a daily basis (as it is just easier to fill that up at home and have it lying around or to put in to Z school bag). The use has not withered any parts or discoloured the bottle in anyway. As well as this Z has full control of the beaker and it doesn’t make her feel like a baby as the design suits her age well and she stills feels like a big kid.

Perfect for years on end from what it looks like.

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