My 1st Birthday

Baby Z turned One recently, and we couldn’t have been prouder! As a couple we survived, as individuals we were still sane and as a family we were closer than ever.

I had planned a big outing for both Mama and Baby, and as it was in December that outing was actually an Indoor shopping spree at Westfield. Either way it was great. I propped a balloon on her buggy so everyone could see it was her day, the best was when anyone wished her ‘Happy Birthday’ she smiled from ear to ear. We went to see the grotto and brightly lit Christmas Trees, whilst spending a rather long time in the Disney Store.


The day ended with Baby Z being absolutely shattered and Mama driving back home ready to surprise her with First of many Birthday Cakes!


Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ over an over again whilst little Madam here couldn’t keep her hands off the chocolate sheep.


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