My Top Travel Beauty Tips

 My Top Travel Beauty Tips


You don’t have to pack your entire bathroom to maintain your beauty regime while you are away. Here are my top beauty tips and my essential products to take with you.


Skin gets very little oxygen during flight time as you are enclosed in an encapsulated environment without fresh air, this results in dehydration and tired and dull skin. It's important to travel with well cleansed skin, avoid heavy make up and drink lots of water. Always carry a good moisturiser that you can apply regularly during your flight, I love L'oreal Revitalift Filler Renew £13.30 for fresh, hydrated and plumped skin. You can also perform a hydrating mini treatment by using a gel mask which are particularly good for travel, I recommend Ioma's smoothing moisturising mask £50.

My Top Travel Beauty Tips

Forgo the foundation

Wear minimal make up on the day of your trip and swap your usual foundation for a lighter version to allow your skin to breathe during the flight. Choose a light water based foundation and only apply a small amount so it won't be heavy on your skin. I'm loving Laura Geller's baked liquid radiance foundation £30 for a glowing, radiant and dewy look, which also looks and feels great on those hot summer nights while you are away.

My Top Travel Beauty Tips


Facial spritzers are for more than just cooling down the skin, they provide all sorts of skincare benefits. From detoxifying formulas, energising tonics and sensitivity soothers a few hits of a hydrating face mist every few hours is all you will need to help you keep your glow and freshen up whilst on the go. I never travel without Clinque Moisture surge face spray £19.

My Top Travel Beauty Tips

Don't forget your lips

Protect your lips by packing a lip treatment and applying it liberally throughout the flight. The skin on our lips is very delicate and is the fastest to dry out and become cracked in the cabin air. Skip lip gloss and lipstick and opt for a moisturising lip balm instead. I love Mac Lip Conditioner £14 which locks in moisture and repairs.

My Top Travel Beauty Tips

The hand tip

Hands can become intensely dehydrated during the flight so take a hand cream and hand sanitiser on board with you. My favourite hand cream is L'Occitane's shea butter Cherry Blossom hand lotion mini £8, this range comes in handy travel sizes too, perfect! Always freshen up with a hand sanitiser when travelling too, I recommend a mini bottle of the Cowshed Cow Slip Natural Antibacterial hand gel £8.

My Top Travel Beauty Tips


Last but not least, SPF! Whether it’s cold or hot, sunny or raining, sunscreen is the one step you should never forget before heading outside. Applying and reapplying SPF protects your skin from the sun’s powerful UV rays, minimising your risk of sunburn, premature signs of aging, dark spots and wrinkles! This year I’m packing Ultrasun Family SPF 30 £14, which is perfect protection for the whole family, it’s super sensitive formula will also prevent those nasty ‘prickly heat’ reactions.

 My Top Travel Beauty Tips



By Laura Pugh

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