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During our travels to Spain in October 2013 we unexpectedly came across this little shop on the local high street that sold Olive Oil products. At the top of the shelf I noticed a Baby Packaged box – The Natural Edition for Babies by LaChinata. Excitedly.. like I am whenever I see anything Baby related… I asked for the box to be taken down so we could have a look. Impressed by what I saw I quickly bought it. The box contained a natural Sponge, a Moisturising Cream, an olive Shampoo, Bath Oil, Body wash and Mild Cologne. It couldn’t be perfect!

As in London, we found it very hard to find natural Olive Oil products suitable for Baby Z skin except for Olive Oil, so this was a God Send. As in my previous blog, I mentioned that she has a slight bit of Eczema on her body
especially during the winter months as the heating is on and the air is dryer. This was what we were after so that slowly we could take her off the medication given by the Doctor.

When we got back to London, we started using the LaChinata products. The effect was amazing, Baby Z loved the smell as it relaxed her when we used it in the bath and afterwards when getting her dressed we started to put the Mild Cologne on, which got her excited as we would smell her and she’d giggle like crazy. Even now she knows the bottle as it sits in her room and asks us to put it on her if we forget.

The effect on her skin was gradual too. with the continuous use of Filtered water in the bath tub, the Olive products have helped to keep natural moisture in her skin so that it doesn’t dry up as fast in the winter months. Plus the sponge is nice and small enough for Baby Z to clean her self with when she feels like she needs to help at Bath time.

A definite Recommend for any Baby… now if Only they had a Shop in London.

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