New Year, Happier Me

New year, Happier Me


It’s around this time of year that there is an influx of ‘New Year, New Me’ posts on all aspects of social media, on Facebook posts, Instagram captions and in blogs. So what will it be this year? To lose weight, do more exercise, a change of job, read more? The truth is most of us will do the same thing we always do, set some goals and forget about them by the end of January! This year I’m proposing something different by choosing achievable New Year’s Resolutions for a happier 2019. Fill your resolution list with good for you goals and make one tweak a month for your best year yet.

Add more citrus fruit to your shopping trolley

New year, Happier Me

Winter citrus can keep skin looking healthy thanks to all of that Vitamin C, so when you see all of those gorgeous in season oranges, pomelos and grapefruits in the produce aisle snap them up.

Eat Veggies regularly

It may be an obvious one but whether you are looking to lose weight or just following a healthier lifestyle, vegetables are your friends.

Add fragrance into your home

New year, Happier Me

Smell is associated with the part of the brain that processes emotions and stores memories. Certain fragrances can affect our moods, fill your home with smells that uplift, make you feel more relaxed or boost energy and relieve stress.

Plan a holiday or some time out from your day to day routine

Research shows that even just thinking about a future trip or event can boost happiness for many weeks, plan something special and you will have something to look forward to even on the days that don’t quite go to plan.

Get rid of clutter

New year, Happier Me

I live by the saying ‘Tidy house, tidy mind’. If you can’t see the counter tops for papers and things that just never seem to be put away then it’s time to whisk it all away to places where these things actually belong, most of them probably in the bin!

Choose a form of exercise that makes you happy

Exercise doesn’t have to be something you dread, just choose something that works for you. Start slow and go at your own pace. If you find something you enjoy the better chance you will have of sticking to it. When you work out on a regular basis you will feel happier, less anxious and more energised.

Compliment Yourself

New year, Happier Me

Positive self-talk can help you focus on what’s good in your life. Focus on your good qualities and strengths. It’s time to stop comparing and complaining and start complimenting.

Spend less time glued to your phone

With the news that we are now spending more time on our phones than with our friends and family, it may be time to think about reducing our screen time. If you use your phone less, you’ll end up with more free time to simply relax, read a book or spend more time actually interacting with others. To achieve a healthy balance set yourself some rules such as ignoring your phone while you are out socialising, strictly no phones at the dinner table or kicking your phone out of bed. When you turn your phone off when in the presence of others you become more present and sometimes that really is the best thing of all.

Now all that’s left for me to say is Happy New Year, hoping 2019 is the happiest year you could wish for.


By Laura Pugh

Image from CBC

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