New year – New room

This year we decided to look at redesigning Z room. At the moment her room is full of white wooden furnishings, sandy cream carpet and gold walls with a feature rose pink wall.

As the size of her room is quite small we opted for white in the furniture as it automatically makes the room look bigger and brighter.

This year however, we are looking to keep with the same furniture colours but add a new bed and make it into a bit more of a grown up room to create space.

So here is goes – Z redesigned room ideas 3 years on.

The bed:

As we are keeping her cot bed in her room, we will be converting it into a ‘sofa’ so that she can use it as a reading nook. Therefore we have decided to get her a bigger girls bed – aka a single bed. I have to say after a lot of hunting I have personally fallen in love with this bed! The Hemnes bed is gorgeous, it comes in white, feels secure with a wooden support wall of one side and even has plenty of under bed storage (which is a must when you live in a flat)! Looking at the reviews It can used as a double bed too so if we ever need to convert it or when we move to a house with more room we can use it in the spare room for guests. Perfect.



Obviously when we buy a new bed we are going to have to get a mattress too – just the other day we found this beauty from the little Green Sheep. Even though we have not had any issues with the current one for Z we have fallen in love with this one. Created with full on natural/organic materials it gives you a choice for soft on one side and firm on the other.


Dressing table:

Now that Z is 3 I would love to get her a playing dress up table. Over the course of the last few weeks she has really got into dressing up – even though her fake lipstick idea has been going on for a while now. We had a look at a few different ones but the Maisie dressing table and stool set from the Great Little Trading Co. has become my favourite. Only thing is I am going to have to rearrange and set out some serious measurements.



We are massive book fans here in the Bubble and that does not stop at Z. This girl has even beaten me on the book collection. From nursery rhymes board books to short tales it seems like she has everything under the sun. So a key improvement to her room this year will be adding some sort of bookshelf. At the moment we have a small section on the floor where we have created a reading nook for her and all the books are very accessible. With the change around we have started to look at ideas. We would need a lot of space and possibly something to hang on the wall at her height. Here is the Greenaway Gallery Bookcase by The Great Little Trading Co.


The Room Theme:

Oddly enough I am falling in love with something a bit more neutral. I think I have gathered that once Z started getting a choice on colours she’s probably going to go for pinks or purples or orange (my own room growing up followed very similar patterns). So after a little deliberation I have decided on small colour and possibly more whites or even greys. I am not too sure about wallpaper but if Daddy will get round to it I would love this to be her room theme by Etsy. My inspiration has come from her current bed canopy from IKEA.


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