No More Naps

Since she was born Baby Z used to have her normal baby naps, the ones where you’d finally feel at peace to get those two seconds of nail painting done or hanging the washing up as a luxury rather than a chore. Come two weeks before her second birthday and out went the naps as fast as they could fly out of the window and in came a cranky child by dinner time.

Even though she’d wake up her normal time (8am) after a fantastic 12 hour sleep. She still believes that she can get away from napping or even cat napping during the day after doing the hundred miles an hour of activities.

The most we can get out of her is a chill out time, which would either entail lying on the sofa with a blanky or lying on the floor on top of cushions. Try putting her in her cot and oh will she scream! (So we gave up on that idea pretty quickly). Then again, when we go out for a drive even if its to somewhere 5 minutes away, she decides ‘hey perfect time to sleep – then I can wake up cranky’.

In the end, it looks like the time has come where Baby Z has said ‘good riddance’ to nap time because in her eyes she’s a Big Girl. While mummy and daddy here, keep praying and begging her to sleep for a bit instead of crying at every little thing come dinner time.

P1000423Baby Z Napping in Spain (How I miss it)


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