Nursery Timelines

So we have been planning for Z to go nursery for a year now. However as its so expensive we decided to wait it out till she turns 3 (in December) and start her off with the free funding in January. After enquiring and ringing up all the potential nursery’s in July, I was notified not to worry and ring back in October to place her on a waiting list for January as there would be tonnes of places. (Naive me – believed them all). I call back on Monday, 2 weeks into September (after our holidays) and they all tell me …. all the places for January are fully booked and now she has to go on a waiting list – IF a place opens up she can get it otherwise she will be placed in for September (a Year from now!). However, if I were to pay them for her placement then she can have one straight away!

My argument is – why not tell me this straight up in July that if you don’t ring dead on 1st September your child will have a very small chance of getting a place. Instead no they tell me October (can you imagine – she probably wouldn’t get a place then).

On top of that all these nursery’s have such different attitudes to people who say they are only going funded. How do they know who I am. They treat or talk to you or differentiate your child already like you literally live off the government. No – how do you know that Both parents work like mad, just about earn enough to keep the house afloat and still want a decent place to send their child and the only way to do that is through funding (which is the only thing we take from the government).

There are two different ways children are treated (for example – if your paying you can choose any days and ‘all day’ if you want. however, if you go funded you can only do the days they provide you and have no (or every little choice) on the matter).

Is that honestly fair?

Now that we are on the waiting list – we have no idea if Z will be able to go nursery in January – she may need to wait a full year. Sadly though, she is so ready to run free now but circumstances that were caused from outside are holding her back.

Gosh, I haven’t ranted like that for a while.

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