Payment for Breastfeeding

Honestly, I would love to meet the person that came up with this idea… so that I could talk some honest sense into them.

Seriously, don’t they know that as a mother you have a choice to breastfeed or bottle feed. Sometimes you don’t even have that choice. A mother may plan to breastfeed before the baby is born but things could turn out that she wouldn’t be able to. This could be due to complications after the birth or the baby may not be able to take the milk for different reasons. However much breastfeeding is a natural thing, bottle feeding has become one too.

In my previous blogs I have mentioned the difficulty of breastfeeding my daughter, therefore having to bottle feed. To be honest I don’t find any difference in my daughters development, her immunity and so forth. So why are we being pressured to breastfeed?

This payment of £200 for breastfeeding shouldn’t even be discussed. Why are parents who bottle feed being shoved out of the door, don’t they need incentives too? How would it feel to a mother who may not be able to breastfeed? It begins to separate mothers at such a delicate time in their lives. It makes one set of mothers feel more valued than the other within society. Is that honestly the right way to go about in the 21st century?

If the government really wants to splash out cash to parents then add it to the Child Tax Benefit that each child is entitled to. The amount we receive at the moment isn’t sufficient enough, especially seeing that expenses are at a high. Doesn’t each child and family deserve the same equal rights and start to life? They should be encouraging mothers to do what is best for themselves and their babies and not being forced to go one way over the other.

Don’t separate parents, unite them to make a better built society.

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