Preparing your Hospital bag

Honestly speaking, my last month in my second pregnancy was pretty chilled out. I didn’t have the stresses of my first pregnancy (with re-decorating, gathering, nesting and labour stressing), which ultimately made made me feel very relaxed. A bit too relaxed as I seriously felt way too lazy once I started my Maternity leave.

This led on to the last minute packing and sorting of our hospital bag – I mean I was still buying things at week 36! (even got told off by the midwife). But hey presto, after all my faffing, I got somewhere. My completed hospital bag included the essentials for Mummy, and the essentials for Baby. As Z was a winter baby, I knew exactly what to take with me clothes wise. However as Baby number 2 is a summer baby, the confusion of how much to take and use was overwhelming. As we all know hospitals are up to boiling point and obviously when bringing baby home I wouldn’t really need a warm Baby grow coat or would I? The amount of layers weren’t exactly helping either… vest and a baby grow or just one of either at a time. In order to play safe I decided to have a mix of 4 vests and 4 baby grows.

Here is my little list of essentials for our hospital bag:


  • 2 Night shirts (semi-mid)
  • Socks
  • A change of clothes for coming home in
  • Flip flops (that I wont be sad throwing away after)
  • Disposable underwear
  • Maternity pads
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Hairbrush, Hair bands, Dry Shampoo spray, Deodorant, Wipes for face – Though the baby wipes doubled up for my face, Tissue packet, Lip balm, nipple cream, shampoo and body wash, breast pads and toilet wipes)
  • Anti-bac wipes and Hand gel (Mainly for the toilets)
  • Water spray
  • Empty carrier bag for dirty items
  • Hand Towel
  • Massage oil and Clary Sage essential oil (I wanted to go down the Hypno-birthing route for as long as I could bare)
  • Elle TENS Machine (Used it with Z and wouldn’t think twice before using it again)
  • Phone (For relaxing and calming music)


  • 4 Vests (2 long sleeved and 2 short sleeved)
  • 4 Baby grows (3 in Tiny baby as Z was only 6 lb 1 ounce and to be honest I was looking small, and 2 newborn 7 lb ones – just in case it was bigger than I expected)
  • 2 Hats
  • 1 pair of Scratch mittens
  • 2 Bibs and 2 Muslin Cloths
  • 1 Thin Blanket/Shawl
  • Newborn nappies (Size 1)
  • A few Nappy sacks
  • Nappy cream
  • A few baby bottom Cotton pads for nappy changing time or newborn water-based wipes
  • 2 newborn bottles (As I wasn’t fully planning on breastfeeding)
  • 4 little cartons of baby Milk powder

Obviously as we have Z, we had to get her little bag ready too as she wasn’t impressed that her clothes weren’t going into the hospital bag. I think she honestly believes we were off on a holiday without her (I wish – the holiday part I mean). So for her little emergency sleepover bag I put:

  • One pair of nightclothes
  • One set of day clothes
  • Toiletries
  • One of her favourite books (The Gruffalo) and a soft toy

Lastly for Daddy, as he didn’t need much last time, we sort of went with what he had. On top of that, daddy would be going home after baby comes so wouldn’t need a crazy bag to carry around. His list of essentials were as followed:

  • Coins/Change
  • A few snacks and water
  • Camera – Though his phone did a pretty good job at Z time
  • Phone charger
  • Glasses cleaner

Obviously creating a Birth Plan and taking a few copies as well as making sure you have your maternity notes are pretty much the main ones on the list. But by the last month your pretty much carrying that around with you like it’s your life – so is very unlikely that’ll get forgotten at home.

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