Purple Daisies Foam Bed Bumper

After a very long test drive, I have finally decided to write my thoughts on PurpleDaisies Foam Bed Bumper. After much speculation and research we decided to order this very different bumper to try out for Baby Z when she moved across from cot to cot-bed. Personally, I really wanted something unique that would give Baby Z the sense of freedom and sleeping in a big girl’s bed rather than a conversion bed. This helped me to rule out the traditional net bumper, plus as she moves around too much I was worried she’d keep hitting the net like she does in the travel cots – which wakes her up.

One blog that really helped me choose was Kerry’s Oh So Amelia. Once reading that, I just knew something like this would be perfect for Baby Z. It made Amelia look so grown up at such a young age and be so proud of her bed that it prompted me to want Baby Z to feel the exact same way.

We decided to order it and pray for the best. Once we finally got one side of her cot down, immediately the entire cot felt for someone who was a lot older than our monkey. We opened up the bumper and oddly enough it looked tiny. Even though we have bought the Original sized 100cm one, it would fit most of the length of the bed, leaving only the bottom side open (which we thought she could use to climb in and out from). The foam piece fit neatly in between the mattress and cover sheet and once the duvet went on you could hardly see anything was even there. My plan worked; it looked grown up and Baby Z was so excited at the transformation she couldn’t wait to try out her ‘new bed’.

 Foam Bed bumper side view Purple Daisies

On the first night, I have to say we were worried that she may fall out or if she climbed over she may trip so I actually put down a few cushions on the floor under her bed. But after checking on her a few times in the night, she was sound asleep. By morning, even though she was on the other side of the bed, the foam bumper hadn’t moved an inch!

To be honest as a mum, giving a new product a chance is one of the best decisions I have made. I went with my gut feeling and I love it. (We love it!). Since we purchased the bumper, we haven’t once had to move it back in place (unless we are changing her bedding), the foam hasn’t lost its shape even though madam here jumps over it and puts god-knows what on top of it. For a small amount of £10.00, this has got to be one of the best baby investments we have made, as we can keep it and use it when transitioning her to her actual big girl’s bed in the future as well as when we go travelling.

I’m just surprised no one thought of such a simple bed solution sooner – love it for better bedtimes.

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