Review: Babyliss Pro Curler

As we normally review body products, this time I thought of reviewing a product that I love and Baby Z loves the results – the Babyliss Pro Curler.

Before her birthday, I really wanted to buy a curler as I had never owned one, let alone knew how to use one. So knowing that I needed a change for my stubborn hair, we went for a simple and decently priced Babyliss Pro Curler. Honestly, it was so simple to use, and after a few tries I actually knew how to use a curler like a pro! (That’s an achievement for me.)


So for Baby Z second birthday I went all out, curling my entire head, I couldn’t believe the results, pure soft bouncy curls without the horrid frizz. Also as my hair is thick, I had to use the heat sensor at full which is 10. However, if you have thinner hair you can have the lower settings of 1-4.

Whenever I get ready, be it putting my make-up or doing my hair, Baby Z has to be around trying out my brushes and pretending to copy me. So watching me do something totally different to my hair, just made her very intrigued to want to try it on her hair. Obviously I didn’t hand her the hot curler, but she was set sitting on the bed looking at me. So putting it on the lower setting, I got the curler and a few strands of her hair from the side. She sat so still because I had warned her how hot it was and stared into the mirror. This was the first time she had any heat appliance touch her hair, so it was fun for the both of us. I only tried one set of strands and she loved it! She jumped off the bed and went straight into the mirror to get a closer look at her new hair style. Even though she loved the curling effect she just wanted to keep it to the one set I had done and was so proud of it, she kept showing her daddy her new hair.

What I love about the Babyliss Pro Curler is that being so light and thin you can go anywhere with it, and not only that using it is so smart and simple that you can get ready in a jiffy if you need to without stressing.


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