Review: Eden’s Luxury Cream Range

As I am always on the look out for anything that will help pamper my worn out body especially my hands and feet, I love trying out new and exciting products and they have to be very organic or as organic as possible.

So when we were in Cornwall last year and spending the day at the Eden Project, you knew you couldn’t get any better when you think natural and organic ingredients in products. Once we hit the gift shop I was in heaven, they had such a big range of beauty and food products that if I was rich, I would have been happy to splurge.

However, being on a budget leaves you with only a few choices. Buying lots of small things or spending it on one to two luxury products. Well you know which one I opted for. On a little stand stood a range of beauty creams and oils. There I found two products (well actually my other half found them); Eden Projects own ‘Eucalyptus Foot cream’ and ‘Baobab Hand cream’.

The Eucalyptus Foot cream was lovely especially when you have tired feet after a day of being on your feet, (that’s every day when your mummy hey). After soaking your feet, pat them dry and lather your feet with the aromatic cream, it helps to soften the hard areas on your feet as well as covering all the dry areas. The eucalyptus and lavender help to relax your feet muscles and make them smell so good. What I love most is when you put your comfy socks on after moisturising your feet feel so soft and cosy that all you want to do is keep them up.

When it comes to the hands, we all know how easily neglected they can get, from having to wash them a million times to them having to face the elements of everyday life. The Baobab hand cream feels like a godsend. My usual routine is to put it on in the morning and then before I head into bed at night. However, if I had it in a little tube I know this little miracle wouldn’t be leaving my handbag. The cream itself smells so sweet and calming all in one go, what’s lovely about it, is that it reminds me of my home; Mombasa, Kenya where you would get Baobab trees everywhere and you could also eat the fruit that grew on it. The softness and thickness of the cream helps keep in your natural moisture as well as giving your skin the kick it needs in cold or dull weather where your skin can get really dry and broken.

These two creams are really miracle creams in my view and I am so glad that my other half picked them up. To be honest even if we aren’t able to head back to The Eden Project once these creams have finished, I will definitely be heading online to order some. Why not keep treating those tired neglected body parts so they too feel special with some natural love.

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