Rock-A-By Horse

Rocking horses, well which child doesn’t like one? Since I was a kid I always loved the pure wooden style horses, and when madam was born I knew we had to get her one, one day. Even though there were tonnes of horses around – my love was always for a pure wooden one.

So when it came to Baby Z 1st birthday we decided that we will present her with one. We searched for ages online to see who had a decent one that wouldn’t cost us the world, but would also be perfect for her for a long time.

Finally we found it, Pintoy from Amazon at a lovely price of £57 (at the time). All the reviews we read were spot on. It was very easy to build even with Baby Z trying to put her foot into managing the build. The colour is gender neutral with a red and black stripe along the sides. Not only that, but there is a security bar on the seat so baby can’t fall off. Therefore you can leave them semi unsupervised without worrying that they’ll knock themselves off. To be honest even though she’s two now we still haven’t taken the bars off. (Should really). But it’s quite a nice little Minnie Mouse storage area for when it’s not in use.

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When we first put Baby Z on the rocker she wasn’t too sure what it was but the minute we started rocking she couldn’t stop laughing and wanted to go faster. Now after a year of practice she can rock herself and at quite a speed. It is a lovely toy to have in the house and something so sturdy will defiantly last us many years to come.

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