Rose water and its benefits

Rose flowers and bottles of rose water

The benefits of Rose water and how amazing this stuff is came to us recently. Other than the different qualities it holds to restore your natural beauty and radiance. I have discovered through the help of daddy that it also sorts out skin issues in babies and children.

Over the changing months the harsh weather has affected Mr A dramatically. And even though we only use organic and natural products on his skin the environmental affects were getting stronger. He was beginning to show signs of eczema with red patches on his body and dry skin around his face. His cradle cap was coming back quickly so there was a lot of scratching!

We always have a bottle of rose water sitting in the cupboard as I love using it in desserts. And known to its cooling factors it’s never too far from the bathroom (as we also put it in the bath on hot days to cool the kids down). One evening daddy got fed up with all the dry patches and redness so dumped 6 large capfuls into the bath water with Mr A. With just one bath we saw a shift in his skin. Over the next couple of nights with the same routine and the bathroom smelling of roses Mr A skin felt softer, looked cleaner and tonnes clearer. He was scratching less and his cradle cap started to clear up as well. We did use a booster of baby oil specifically for cradle cap to help it along but the use of rose water really pushed it along.

Using this method we were able to stay away from any harsh medicines or creams and didn’t need to visit the doctor for prescription medicines. Something we had to do for Z when she went through this issue.

Having done this a couple of months ago, we stocked up on loads of rose water from the local supermarket and use it every time the kids have a bath, it’s even helped to lessen skin bumps on Z arms and legs… bonus!


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