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Self Care ….. do you do it? We all buy candles, light them and carry on with our evening, making dinner, changing nappies and shooshing the kids to sleep…..but do you ever just stop! Take 5, 10 minutes to yourself ? Just you? Close the door, run the bath (for yourself) and just light that favourite candle, lay there and re group?

Probably no, no you don’t or at least not enough!

I used to make time for ME and treat MYSELF before Cailyn was born all the time, After … not so much.

I think as mums we get so involved in the well-being of our babies that we forget who we are and that we need pampering too!

Neglect is a strong word in so many cases but I strongly feel that I have neglected myself and in the past 9 months I’ve become this women surviving on chocolate and wine, left over baby food and late night pizza with Chris. Lounging in my pjs sporting a messy bun held together with dry shampoo, only functional after a large coffee … or 3.

I started to feel myself slipping into this slump and have no energy or enthusiasm which if anyone knows me … that’s not me at all, I would begin to feel not good enough and worry … again not a character trait of mine. So I had to change something!

I sat and spoke with Chris and quickly realised …. when was the last time I had a bath on my own and just relaxed?

When was the last time I went to bed and just read a book in peace or took time for myself?

So what and how can I make time for me religiously at least once a week even if it was an hour out of the day?

This is now time for #selfcaresaturday

I decided that enough was enough….

So each Saturday for the past 3 weeks I have been making time for ME not Cailyn’s Mummy not Chris’s Mrs but for Claire – yes that’s my name if you didn’t know, haha.

So each Saturday I dedicate time to ME and enjoy that bath, face mask, candle that I don’t often remember smelling as I’m to busy, use the amazing skincare range I’m obsessed with at the moment and just stop.

Switch off, play music to suit how I’m feeling and lay there enjoying that moment of complete peace!

I’m trying to do something different each week and I was sent an amazing box of goodies (which you can subscribe to) from the awesome Mum O’Clock. It was full of really cute and quite frankly incredible products waiting to be used for that self care moment. Definitely check her out as she’s amazing and I love all of the September box. The eye pad is beautiful and can be used hot or cold. There was also this inspirational mindfulness book that you look at the patterns, colour them in to how it has told you to in the page opposite.

You have to relax and focus on your breathing and that moment right there and then! It’s great to help you come back and re collect, So thanks Mum O’Clock this was an amazing treat!

*Click the link above to head to her page*

My point about #selfcaresaturday is to take time for YOU and do something that is just for yourself. We work so hard at being mummy but what about YOU ?

YOU still exist and you’re the one keeping everything together so if your not ok how can other things be ok? Your health is important physically and mentally so please whatever you do promise yourself that your going to take that time to do something you enjoy and do it on your own.

The importance of Self Care is imperative!

You can’t run a car on an empty tank ….

re-fuel and get that energy back!

It doesn’t need to be a Saturday but once a week, do it & enjoy it!


By Claire 

First published on cailynsmummy

Image by Claire 

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