Sleepless Nights

It’s been a long time coming, but for the last two weeks with Baby Z teething once again, it’s been unsettled nights and very (I mean very) little sleep. Madam has been such a wonderful sleeper from a very early age, even when we shifted her across from her Moses basket into her own room. She only needed a few settling in nights and the rest is history. Some mornings I would think I had a teenager because she wouldn’t want to budge even with a full night’s uninterrupted sleep.

So being us, we got into a brilliant routine of actually getting full night sleeps and yes we once again fell in love with the idea of waking up rejuvenated! The reason why this is tough is because even though Baby Z gets ill she never really ends up in our bed, she just needs a cuddle and rock back to sleep and voila knock out! This time however is different; she hasn’t cried, she hasn’t moaned she hasn’t even complained about her teeth – instead, she has become clingy. Even though she falls asleep like normal at her set time, she’ll be up by 2o’clock in the morning, holding on to her baby and walking with her eyes half shut into our room to try her luck.

The first night this happened, we couldn’t figure out why she suddenly decided to get up. So doing the usual protocol of checking if she fine, hasn’t wet herself, bed it okay and so forth, we put her back in bed. Now this continued for let’s say the whole night! This girl is persistent, and no she didn’t once mention her teeth were hurting – and as she hadn’t complained all day it never even clicked. (She normally cries when her teeth start coming out).

By the second night we had worked out her teeth were behind this sudden bedtime change. So completing the teething protocol we hoped for the best and put her in bed. Hey behold, come 3o’clock she woke up, shuffling into the bedroom looking for place to jump into bed. So after giving her a top up we cuddled her and put her back in to her room. Now the only time she will cry is when we are trying to un-cling ourselves from her. She will grab your arm and just sob, (poor thing you’ve got to feel sorry for her). So she ended up in our bed.

This continued for a full week and a half and is still going… (How long do these teeth take to pop through??) I have to say, so far I haven’t really minded, because we don’t put her in bed straight away, we do the motions of putting her back and waiting, and we’ve told her she’ll get stars if she sleeps the night through. Last night alone whilst putting her back in bed, she said she wanted to paint with daddy, so I told her she can do it in the morning if she sleeps the whole night in her big bed. She managed to probably sleep 2 hours max before (yes you guessed it).

Last night has to be the worst so far, she hasn’t been able to sleep herself even though she is in bed with us after a number of times of putting her back. She has spent the last 2 hours shuffling around and kneeing me in my back whilst I have an inch of space between myself and the floor. Even after putting her on top of me to sleep, she still reluctantly moves away and can’t sleep. So after pretending to sleep myself in the hope I can drown out the noise and get some shut eye before work I am now up at 4o’clock writing this post.

All I can say is thank you daddy for finally putting her to sleep after I left the room and she started crying because she wanted to come with me to the living room. And well yes today is so very much going to be a long day for me.

Hopefully she naps a bit today (another thing that’s gone out of the window) and this teething stops so we can once again be privileged to sleep in our own beds!

Missing the bliss.

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