Testing boundaries

Now we know that this is all part of growing up, we test boundaries all our lives. So why should it be any different when it comes to two year olds?

Our little monkey has been doing just that. Every day has begun to be a battle with what she wants to do to what we allow her to do. Obviously many of the things are to just protect her from her own curiosity, like picking up cups that will break any minute to standing in the bath when she gets her hair washed (not good especially as she gets freaked out every time water hits her head!).

Her boundaries are still pretty good though when she is out and about; luckily as she is a thinker she does listen and doesn’t take risks in that way, as it is outside her comfort zone. One of the best things that have happened that have helped us in-directly is her getting told not to run away from us in our local supermarket by the security guard. I have to say, even though he didn’t shout, his stern voice has had an impact. To be honest, he is actually a really friendly person but I guess to her he is someone she should be aware off. Now all I have to do is tell her, “I’m going to tell that man that your being naughty or not listening” and she holds my hand or stays by my side. (This even works when she’s not eating and we are out and about).

I know for some it seems odd that I didn’t mind, but to me its fine, because it’s good for your child to have someone they are a little nervous about (even if she never sees him again). Because we as parents can sometimes be walked over whilst in this boundary testing journey, so a little helping hand isn’t bad.


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