The beginnings of Toilet Training

A few months ago, we started having big tantrums when it came to nappy changes. Even though Baby Z was only 2 years and 2 months she really didn’t want to get cleaned up. She would scream to the top of her lungs, cry, kick and struggle. It actually sounded like someone was torturing her. This led to us kicking our target age of 2 and half which would be in the summer and go straight into a simple style of toilet training.

I went out and got a baby toilet seat from Mama’s and Papa’s (I couldn’t hack cleaning a potty!). We then got a pack of pull up pants or for Baby Z ‘Big girl pants’, a packet of disposable wash let wipes and lastly a star chart.

Potty Training

As Baby Z couldn’t really tell us when she needed to go to the loo yet, we resulted in creating a routine for her. Every day after breakfast we would put her on the toilet seat and sing songs and keep her entertained. After she either did a poo or pee we would jump up and down and give her tonnes of praise. This not only helped her recognise the motions but it also encouraged her to use the toilet. She would get to wear her ‘big girl pants’ after which really made her feel special and grown up as well as getting a star.

As parents, we decided to take the relaxed routine towards toilet training. This could be because madam wanted to start early so we didn’t want to force her into it in the typical 2 weeks (which was the initial plan). But as a first time mum, I am very happy that we did take this view on such an important stage, even if it came to us by surprise.

2 months down the line we have added after lunchtime toilet time to continue the routine. What we have noticed though is that Baby Z tells us when she is pee-ing in her nappy, and if she needs to do a poo any other time of the day she will inform us 2 seconds before hand. I know that this may take a longer time overall to get her fully trained, but one thing is that the stress levels is zero for both parties and the learning process is less intense for Baby Z.

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