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The Dreaded Words


A word that can become very irritable especially when the answer you need is far from “no”. This sudden new phase began a around a week ago, subtle at first but now it’s everything. Let’s go toilet “no”, let’s change our clothes “no”, let’s brush our teeth “NO”!

I know this is part and parcel of the 120 other phases Baby Z is going to entail, like the oh so famous… Why why why?!?! (We all did it).

Only thing is, this “no” phase really comes round and bites us on the bum. For all the times we told her “no” from a young age, you never think it would come back to you so early on in parenthood.

The “no” is also accompanied with “alright”. Now you would think this would be an okay combination, but the ‘alright’ is normally an addition to continue doing something that Baby Z has already been told not to do. This tiny demand gives her confidence to continue doing the silly little thing that she ‘wants’ to do and totally ignore what we would like her to do.

These kids really do have a voice of their own – even at 2!


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Mama to two beautiful kiddies, Z and Mr A. My passion for writing began after we had Z and I suddenly found my muse. I love the way my life has turned since and with my little muses growing up I am finding more inspiration to write day by day.

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