Toilet Training Diary – Part One

After randomly deciding to start proper training a week before we started fasting, we went the full way. No nappies during the day or night. This came as a complete shock to Baby Z system but some how she was up for it. As this was our first toddler in full time training all three of us were learning the ropes; which meant a lot of different ideas were used and a few mistakes were made but we all made it through to the other side once we got into a decent rhythm. Our key was to keep to her day time routine but to just keep putting her on the loo after every 20 minutes and to back each other up in every positive way possible.

Day one: the first drill was to take off her big girl pants as well as taking off her underwear so she ended up roaming around in only a dress. However whenever she had an accident it just created a massive puddle on the floor and she wouldn’t realise she’d done anything until we would tell her which caused an issue. However washing her down every time made her feel really bad and she started to not like going into the bath tub.

Our treat for her going to the loo without a fuss or us catching her in time of peeing on the furniture would be getting a star on her chart.

The first night was a success though, we kept to her normal routine made a big deal of her having her underwear on instead of her big girl pants and after her last milk we put her on the loo and then straight into bed. She slept the night through and was bursting in the morning when she walked into our room but made no fuss to go loo.

Day one ended up with three accidents but wasn’t bad for a shocking start.

Day two: after a great first night we strode into day two. I spoke with a few more people about the accidents as we had one pretty much straight after lunch on my sofa! Not being impressed at all I took to my mother who suggested to cover my furniture in old plastic sheets and my mother in law told me to add towels on top of them to create comfort for madam. It worked my sofa survived kind of – had to have a good cleaning after the first accident. I was then advised by my mummy friend to put her underwear back on and if she peed, I should walk her to the toilet in order to create the icky squishy feeling. It worked wonderfully, after another two accidents! (I know) Baby Z was telling us (by pointing) that something was happening down there so we’d rush her to the loo.

The second night was our first and last accident. (To be honest it was more early morning than night). But she was so upset with herself for wetting her bed that she actually hasn’t done it since.

Day three: as the stars began wearing thin with the little one and we didn’t really want to give her ‘fun foods’ for treats – my second mummy friend who had recently trained her little girl gave me the idea. We should paint one nail every time she either told us she needed the loo or went without fussing and an extra painted nail if the day/night went without zero accidents. What a blessing, straight away the excitement on madams face was uncontrollable. She followed all the rules, played the game and chose her colour for her nail. I’m not saying we were sailing through this, but this type of unusual treat was working better than I expected – and she loved showing off her fingers and toes.

Baby Z Nails

Day Three was still accident prone but only by one time. Woohoo we could see some sort of light in the distance – we weren’t going to give up so soon.

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