Toilet training diary – Part two

Part two has take a while to come up on the blog (especially as it has been written up ages ago). So here it goes, our second half of the first week of training Z to use the loo – more control on emotions and possibly even a happy ending…

Day four: we were meant to go to our class but as I honestly wasn’t confident and I could see baby wasn’t either we ended up missing our class. So instead we did another day at home and in the garden (it was a hot day) playing with water and running around our loo breaks. By now we had increased the loo timings from every 20 minutes in the beginning to every 40 minutes. This helped to see how long she could keep her bladder going and start to increase the strength of it too.

Day five: by now we were happy on using the loo for our number twos and she was telling us by jumping up and down that she needed to pee. As routine is key all her loo breaks still went around her normal routine which made it easier for her to grasp as well.

Day six: we took her out for the first time to visit Family at their home for the day. As she goes on a regular basis she was used to the environment. And was extremely excited to use their loo. However the excitement got too much and she ended up having one accident after a few days of surviving the icky feeling.

Day seven: we had pretty much mastered it, she wasn’t having accidents like mad, she was happy to go to the loo (most times) and her nails were pretty colourful too. We were less stressed-tired but not totally gone crazy.

This entire process has been a handful for all of us. We lost our tempers. We all had mental breakdowns, but we survived. It took us a whole two weeks but baby z was toilet trained. A month down the line she’s pretty dry, we can go out and she can hold in her pee long enough to get to the loo, she lets us know (sometimes) when she needs to go, her nights are fantastic and she even wakes up herself in the night to shout to me when she’s bursting. We still have arguments over loo persuasions but I’m pretty proud of her for beating this milestone. Now the next mission is to get her use the toilet without the aid of her toilet seat…. I can see this one to be a little more long term.

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