Tutu ballerina birthday

Magical number 3. Z latest birthday party consisted of shades of pink, gold and creams, tutus and frills. As she had been going to Baby Ballet since she was 10 months old, the time had come to do her birthday within that theme.

She had shown that not only had she learnt a lot during this time but ballet had given her so much confidence that we knew it was the right choice. I had been creating a board on Pinterest for a while however with only a few weeks to get all the preparations complete my ideas were going to have to take a bit of a hit. I chose the main few ideas that I absolutely loved and went with them.

We found a local venue at Redbridge Sports centre. They had a fabulous dance hall that was perfect for the theme. Not only that but they were fantastic in helping set up the venue and anything else that we required.


Next I ordered the cake from Kaye she has been making cakes for a year now for us and we love her work so Z cake was a no brainer. Having looked at a few designs I chose different parts from a few cakes and sent my design across. The outcome was beautiful and as usual tasted yummy! Hits all around.


Once we had the main things completed, I started looking at outfits for Z. Even though she has a lovely tutu that she wears at ballet, I really wanted for her to look special and stand out. Looking at a few places online and completing tonnes of research I eventually came across the perfect tutu! Sadly they did not send their products outside of Australia, so once again I was stuck. I contacted my cousin who is a bridal couture designer and mentioned it to him. He told me not to worry and that he would make a beautiful tutu for the birthday girl. The end product was so touching and stunning that everyone kept asking where I’d got it from. Thank you Aleem Yusuf Couture you made Z feel like a princess ballerina and she’s got her first designer piece!


I love a good party and there is no party without food or goodies! This year we decided to keep it simple and as it was mainly all just family coming with a few friends we wanted to focus on the children more. I made two types of cold pastas one veggie and one with tuna. There were 4 different types of sandwiches – Tuna and Sweetcorn, Jam, Cheese and Cucumber and lastly egg mayonnaise. I had a few Indian snacks and the rest were all cheap and cheerful snacks from the supermarket as well as veggies and dips.


Surrounding the cake I had created a sweet fantasy, with mixes of laces, chocolate buttons, jelly and more. You can guess which table was more favourable with the kids.


For the party bags I wanted to incorporate all the different ages and as their were three little boys coming too, I colour coordinated their section with black and white moustache theme.

From cups to plates and party bags the boys had something to take home with them that did not scream Pink!

photo 2

I set out to make individual wands for the children. The girls had ribbons of gold, pink and white on theirs and the boys had black, gold and white. These did not take as long as expected and were a lot of fun to make. I used fabric glue and a cake dowel and then cut the ribbons to a slightly longer length than the dowels. One of the ends of the ribbons were stuck overlapping each other at the top of the dowel whilst the rest stayed loose. These rested in a vase and were handed out to the children during the party.

photo 1

Another addition we did for the girls were tutus. Ordering them from eBay made a massive difference to the pocket and they came in colours of pink and white. For the boys I picked up fake moustaches from Party Delights and musical designed bow ties from eBay which they absolutely loved having fun with.


The ballet theme ran through the party from the invites to the party bags. Her teacher from Baby Ballet, Laura was fantastic, she created a great atmosphere and Z couldn’t have had a better time. The kids loved the entertainment and music and they all took part in some sort of activity.


What I really loved was watching Z show off to her family and friends on how much she had learnt and it made me proud to see that all those lessons had actually been worth it for my Baby Ballerina.

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