Tweety Birthday Birthday Birthday!

Our Birthday Celebrations continued for a while. Two weeks after Baby Z actually turned One, we had kept a Birthday party for all her friends and cousins.

As a first time mum, I had been planning this party for a very long time (exactly a year) … my husband said it was pretty sad of me. But I had to keep myself occupied whilst looking after the little one. It was a grand affair with Tweety Pie as our main theme. I have to say it did take me a very long time to decide on a theme. We went through many different ones over the months… from Penguins, to the Jungle theme, to fairies or Winnie the Pooh. But in the end we settled for Tweety – as our little Baby Z is our little Bird! As it is, she’s going to grow up wanting Princess parties, Fairies and other girlie themes (hopefully).


(Sweets Table)

One of the main things I wanted for the party was a Sweets table. After a lot of research (google images) I knew, I could either go Crazy or a bit relaxed. If it was an affordable thing I would have gone Crazy! but sticking to a budget and what I could find in the Pound shop I went for the slight relaxed version. Which to be frank turned out very nice, the kids had a massive selection of sweets and the parents took home bags full of goodies to eat once the the little ones had gone to sleep!

The cake was another Big deal for me. I had seen a design I was after and everywhere I went, it was priced highly. Until I looked online and came across Kookies Kakery. They had affordability with style and could do my exact cake design – Perfect!


It had a Chocolate sponge filling on the top tier and Vanilla filling on the bottom tier, with a full fondant coating and to top it off… little helium filled balloons floating around the character of Tweety Pie.

The room was filled with floating balloons (Pink, Yellow, Purple and White), tweety banners and helium balloons. Topping it all off, we had hung pictures of Baby Z all over the room from her First Year, so that everyone could see how much she had gone through and changed.

In one corner, we decided to keep a message book, so that everyone could leave her notes from her party which she could read when she got older.


Party games were a must, and we had a few of the traditional ones – Parcel Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Statues and then a wonderful surprise Magic Show from Baby Z’s cousins, not forgetting the Dancing after party.


The birthday girl, well what can I say, she had two outfits – a traditional Asian one for when everyone came in and then a pretty Party dress for the rest of the party. She looked gorgeous in both and was so excited on Chocolate (the cake) that she kept awake way after the guests had gone. (Possibly only to open the presents) …


The next morning.. well little Z was up at the crack of dawn… attacking the fallen Balloons…


It was like the Party never ended!

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