Vegan Beauty

Vegan Beauty

Vegan beauty is one of the fastest growing make-up and skincare categories of 2019. More and more of us are making a conscious effort to choose animal free options. Vegansim increased by 350% between 2006 and 2016 so we can be pretty certain that this is now the way forward for beauty. The vegan certification on beauty products verifies that the item and all of its ingredients have NOT been tested on animals and are free from ANY kind of animal extract. Hooray! There are now plenty of vegan brands and products on the beauty scene right now so if you are not sure where to begin, here is my pick of the best.

INIKA Organic Long Lash Mascara – £23

Vegan Beauty

Australian beauty brand INIKA is 100% vegan and certified organic. This long lash mascara has a luxurious formula that uses only plant derived natural ingredients to boost lash length, volume and span. This mascara promises to deliver a panoramic effect thanks to its silky smooth, clump free texture. The new brush head allows the perfect amount of product to be applied at every application and Carnauba wax boosts both length and volume to create show stopping lashes.

RMS Wild With Desire Lipstick – £30

Vegan Beauty

RMS Beauty uses fully active ingredients that are both bio-available and nutritionally complex. This luxurious and hydrating lipstick has been crafted with high quality natural ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa seed butter, shea, castor seed oil and meadowfoam seed oil and is free from gluten, soy and nano ingredients. This lip product is also packaged in recyclable glass and aluminium and is available in 15 different shades, win win!

Beauty HD Flawless Face Primer – £9.99

Vegan Beauty

High street favourite Superdrug has embraced veganism and has launched its own B. collection, which offers a full collection of vegan beauty products including skin care, make up, beauty accessories and grooming. I love the HD flawless face primer which is the perfect starting point for your makeup routine. It leaves skin looking flawless, free from pores and super smooth and silky, and at only £9.99 it is an absolute bargain.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – £34

Vegan Beauty

Cover FX is another entirely vegan beauty brand offering a full range of cruelty free products. Undoubtedly their most famous product is their Custom Enhancer Drops which are available in glitter, highlighting and bronzer options. You can add these magic drops to your favourite foundation, primer serum or moisturiser to create your own radiant, beautiful finish.

Spectrum Make up Perfect Blend Essential Brush set – £39.99

Vegan Beauty

All Spectrum brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic hair and are proud to be vegan registered and cruelty free. For creating beautiful looks this 10 piece set is a must have for face, eyes, and lips. All Spectrum brushes come in beautiful colours and designs and look stunning on any dressing table. Spectrum promises that once you feel the super soft bristles you will never go back!



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