Vita Coco Kids Drinks

Vita Coco Kids kindly sent us a lovely boxed gift for Baby Z to try out their products. Daddy and I are massive fans of Vita Coco – we can have cartons upon cartons of it. We had previously given Baby Z a taste of it as a trial.

From day one we really wanted to only stick with plain water when it came to Baby Z drinking anything, so any type of dilute was out of the question. Slowly after she hit 1 and half years old, we introduced fresh juices made at home as a treat. The rest of the time she’s only allowed water. I know a lot of people have questioned this but for me as a mum, it’s the little control I have over her sugary drinks before she goes off to school and never bats an eyelid towards water again.

However, with Vita Coco it was the opposite. As it is so natural and has no extra bits of ‘added’ things in there we were happy for Baby Z to try it. Previously she tried the plain coconut version on its own and very quickly became a fan, so when we were asked to try the kid’s version we were very excited. Madam here loves her fruit so with each slurp she could taste the original flavours of the fruit extracts as well as the cooling of the coconut water.


When I asked her how it tasted, she could hardly muster a word other than ‘scrummy’ which is (scrumptious) in her dictionary. The quantity was enough for a two year to have in one go so no messy play after she was full up. The images on the packaging was very engaging as Baby Z learnt a new bird ‘Toucan’ and could clearly relay the pictures of fruit as well. Not only that but she started her own story of how the toucan was eating the fruit in the trees whilst she drank the coconut water.

I can tell that this is going to be a family favourite now that Baby Z has been introduced to a smaller version of Coconut water, but hey I’m not going to complain. At least we have stuck to plan A which was natural = best, which I can say Vita Coco definitely is.



Do check out Vita Coco Kids web page by clicking this link for more information on their products:



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