We are back….

So it’s been a few busy weeks since coming back from Spain, hence the lack of posts. But that doesn’t mean it’s been slow on Baby Z and her adventures! She’s finishing her autumn term in baby ballet, with some lovely fairy wings and twinkle toes. We have learnt our alphabet to letter ‘i’ and numbers – however jumbled up to ’14’.

As we are turning 2 in December the terrible tantrums have begun! With sudden crying if told ‘no’ to lying on the floor and banging our fists. Thank god there aren’t screams… Though they may begin too. Then not forgetting the sudden attachment anxiety… Mummy fever forever! (Daddy isn’t very impressed with this one… Jealousy I think). Mummy can’t go out of view for even one second without Baby Z worryingly calling out ‘mummy…’

Now on our way back from our short trip to Cornwall the adventures are still continuing so keep tuned for more tales by Baby Z.

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