We have expanded… Welcome letter

Welcome back to the Bubble! It’s time we introduced you to our new, fresh and exciting little home.

Over the last few weeks we have been going through an online change by expanding our horizons and introducing an Events business as well as an online Shop! (Excited squeal). But this has only been our most recent change…

As a family we have been going through a bigger change… one that lasts 9 months and well now an addition of 6 months. Yes you guessed it… Mummys bubble has gained a beautiful little addition in the shape of a boy!

If you have been following us on our Social Media outlets you would have seen some sneak previews of this gorgeous little blessing.

As a mama though, I wanted to keep my pregnancy as low key as possible – therefore there was no mention of it on the blog or social media until the last couple of days before he was due. Trust me, it was so hard to keep this an online ‘secret’ but it might explain why you haven’t seen many pictures of moi.

Z has grown immensely over the last year and it makes her feel more grown up now she’s a big sister (baji) and Four!

Daddy and I are re-adjusting to life with a baby once again and trying to juggle everything and everyone in order to get 10 minutes of peace at the end of the evening. *Cold cup of tea awaits*.

Lastly, Mr A as I’m going to refer to him as is feeding, teething, sleeping and pooping – so nothing too exciting on that end… except eek he is a cute little monster.

And well that’s why we knew it was time to do a re-vamp. With a new addition and another year on the horizon, what better time then to start this next chapter afresh with lots more adventures in the distance – so watch this space!

Mama x


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