Weaning Food Tips…

Start with something simple that can be pureed easily.

We gave our baby pureed carrots for her first meal, I have to say they are the hardest vegetable to soften when boiling. But we got there in the end and she loved it.

Reading baby recipes, they advise to add some baby milk to help soften instead of boiled water if preferred. In my opinion this is not very good advise as the last thing you want is your baby to only recognise one taste and smell which they are comfortable with. They won’t be able to differentiate between new tastes as everything will smell and taste like their milk. Parents should be given the guidance and confidence to solely use boiled water as this will keep the food as pure to its original taste and smell as possible. As well as that, your throwing away nutrients that have been absorbed in the boiled water and can be put to better use.
How else will your babies taste buds grow?

We chose to not add any milk in any thing we made for our little one, and from what we have seen so far, she hasn’t said no to any foods except banana.

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