Weaning your baby…?

Oh the age old question of when to wean your little monkey has been a subject of much change over the years. The NHS has different guidelines every 4-6 years. So in some families, dependent on when their babies were born, were told different times to wean.

When my little one was born we were given guidelines on weaning at 6 months rather than 17 weeks (4 months). This was due to the studies that had been taken in between and the results ‘proving’ that babies stomachs were less developed and so forth to digest food at such a young age.

Therefore from the given information we were aiming to start my baby on foods at around 6 months. However since she was born we would put her in her bouncer facing us whilst we ate dinner so that she could see us ‘concentrating’ on her – hence less fuss and crying on her behalf. This unconsciously made her interested in our food and plates. By 3 months she would be trying to grab our plates and touch the food. This changed our decision and we began to feed her at 17 weeks. In my opinion if we had waited till 6 months, my little one would have lost interest.

When I searched online on other blogs and forums to see what other parents’ views were; I noticed that some parents were very against the idea of early feeding and would use scare tactics towards parents that were unsure about their decisions. But if you look at it logically, as long as your baby is interested then give it a go, some parents before you did and their children are absolutely fine.

I couldn’t have been happier with our decision and nor could my little monkey.

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