What’s in Mamas bag

Its always interesting to see what is in another Mama’s bag. From the different products we use to the style of bags we have, us Mama’s know how to fit a lot in very little space. That is one of the reasons why I decided to do a short vblog on what’s in my bag.

From using a tiny bag before kids, to moving onto a MomyMoo changing bag during Z babyhood, to then swapping back to a medium sized bag once Z started using a rucksack (ah the days I could use a fancy bag again) I am back to having a changing bag as my bag number one. This time we are using our Navy Polka Baby bag and I am loving it!

The experience between the MomyMoo bag and the Navy Polka are very different, as MomyMoo had lots of little compartments but the Navy Polka has 6 large pockets and lots of inside middle space with a removable pouch (perfect for Mama’s little essentials) and also a zipped area at the bottom side of the bag for quick access. Find out more about all the things Mama has in her joint bag with Z and Mr A in the video below.


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