What should I buy for my newborn?

If like me, the world of new motherhood for you is about as uncharted territory as you can get. Then take comfort in the knowledge that as a fellow newbie to this game, I had literally zero experience of babies, until I had my own!  And despite my partner being both an Uncle and a God Parent, the holding of newborns was something I’d done only twice in the last 20 years. So, Four months in to being a firm member of the Mumhood tribe, I feel it only right to pass on my newly discovered pearls of wisdom. And if like I was, you find yourself Googling on your lunch break ‘what on Earth do I need to buy now’?? Then fingers crossed you’ll happen across this blog and thank your lucky stars you did, before the newborn madness ensues.

First things first, pop out to your local book store and grab yourself a couple of Mum to be bibles. I found myself reading a whole host of parenting books. But coming out on top was the unquestionably great, Holly Willoughby, ‘Truly happy baby’. I figured that Holly would pretty much know her onions being a Mum of three and I was right!  Chapters on everything from breastfeeding to sleep routines, what to expect in the first days and weeks, through to teething. This book was and still is my go to life saving guide and it will probably become yours too. And unlike some parenting books out there, Holly’s frank and honest advice, comes from being a Mum who’s been right there in the trenches herself. So, whilst some tips may need to be tweaked to fit you & your baby, the chapters are current, the advice tried & tested and in my view, awesome to boot. 

Now try if you can to cast your mind forward to those first few days & weeks at home with your little one. You’ll undoubtedly feel overjoyed with your new arrival, but you’ll also feel exhausted and desperate to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Queue, the need for the saviour buy of all saviours, Ewan the Dream Sheep. If you haven’t yet heard of this little miracle worker, then be prepared to race out & buy one immediately! Mine was ordered on click & collect from my hospital bed and here’s why. Babies have been residing safely in their Mums snuggly womb, with a whole manner of noises for company for the best part of a year. So, white noise helps their wee selves, feel a little more at home when they return home with you. Ewan, is a wonder worker by playing sounds that echo that of womb, fresh with heart beat sounds akin to the sound of you!! Our Ewan was a God send, quite literally halting any unsettled crying, the moment it went on!  Along with allowing our daughter to sleep soundly in her Moses basket, from the moment she came home. And if that isn’t worth every penny of £30, then I’m not sure what is!?

Most mums & mums to be are, I’m sure already know of the wondrous invention that is the Sleephead of Sweden.  But if not, you’ll be pleased to learn just how amazing a mattress come cushion for babies can be. I’ll admit, at first I was a little sceptical. Particularly as we were having no problems with the Moses basket, thanks to the wonders of Ewan and the Sleepyhead not being exactly cheap. Knowing however, that we had a holiday coming up. I figured, reading the reviews that it would not only make an excellent alternative to a travel cot, but would also help with the dreaded future transition to the BIG cot. And you know what the Sleepyhead did not disappoint. From the moment, we bought it home, calm descended once more and our first family holiday was made all the easier, thanks to the fact that the Sleepyhead can quite literally be popped down anywhere, it’s even called Dock a Tot in the States. But not only that, the key to Sleepyheads appeal, is its design inspired once more on the wonder on the womb. The whole Sleepyhead is designed to feel to baby, like the snuggly sensation experienced for nine months. Which is why babies undoubtedly, love it oh so much.  

Finally, if you’re a Sex and the City fan, then you’ll recall the episode where Miranda Hobbs the career lawyer, has become a new Mum and is battling her screaming new born, whose refusal to sleep has managed to keep her entire building awake! (We’ve all been there). Her neighbour, who in highlighting that Miranda is essentially screwed thanks to only having fellow career women as friends. Let’s her in on the secret about ‘The chair’. Which essentially is a bouncy chair, with wait for it… A vibration function! The soothing vibrations having what could only be described as a miracle effect on her literally wailing baby. The great news is that life has succeeded in imitating art, with the truly wonderful Joie bouncing, vibrating chair. The wonderful calming addition of a white noise function, has a brilliant chilling effect on little ones who aren’t tired necessarily, but do need a little chill out time. It’s one of the first things I bought, as prep for Mumhood thanks to that Sex and the City episode and I’ve banged on about how wonderful it is, to anyone who will listen ever since.

I could add so much more to the list of saviour, essential buys, but let’s face it. If you are Googling ‘what on Earth should I now buy for my newborn’ on your lunch break, then the list will be at least as big as your bump. So here’s wishing you the very best of luck with it – from another new Mum, right here in the trenches with you.


By Jade Taryn

Second City Mum

Images by John Lewis

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