Why we choose Organic and Natural in our Maternity Bags

We choose Organic and Natural products because they are kinder to your skin. As a baby, your little one hasn’t encountered the environmental harms that affect us everyday, especially whilst living in a city. Their skin is new, thin and sensitive. Therefore exposing it to chemicals and parabens in our everyday products causes more harm then good even if they are cheaper to purchase.

Growing up in the city in the 90’s Organic/natural was not a big thing and people were not influenced by the different products available. Therefore we did not get the advantage of using products that were good for us and in turn has caused problems to our skin, hair or teeth now that we are adults. Not blaming our parents but due to the lack of knowledge around organic/natural our exposure was very little leading them to rely on products with parabens or lots of harsh chemicals that were claiming to be gentle baby products.

Now as parents ourselves and the way we live our lives in the 21st Century there is a heavy movement towards organic/naturally influenced products. This is through more knowledge, research and availability from around the world. We are taking care of what we eat, the materials used in our clothes, where it all comes from so why not take care of what we put on our skin, hair and teeth?

Organic/natural products are now readily available and from personal use on ourselves and our children even the 7 month old we have seen a massive difference to the condition of our bodies. The different items in our maternity bags help to provide the best in care for your family.

Our journey with organic/natural started after we had Z and we haven’t looked back since. Her skin was very dry as she born in winter and the heating system did more harm then good for her. As she was our first we looked at ‘baby kind’ products from the store shelves but they gave her a worse reaction which ended up with her being on medicated creams. After this we slowly started to look at the organic world and found that these products contained nothing but goodness in them. After sampling certain products on her skin/hair we saw an automatic difference and fell in love. Once Mr A was born we didn’t even look anywhere else, knowing from past experience we did not want to make a mistake again so we stuck to products we had used on Z and so far he has had no issues with his skin or hair. Z even uses natural toothpaste which has been fantastic especially as a child she ends up swallowing some whilst brushing, we know that there is no harmful ingredients being digested.

As a family we all use organic/natural products (sometimes its the same product – like the shampoo/conditioner) as even an adults product can be used on a child due to the lack of nasties. At the moment we are loving ‘Yes to Carrots’ – de tangling heaven!

Within our maternity bags, we provide a fabulous range of these types of products so that not only can you as a mum indulge whilst in hospital but you can also use at home, and products like the Earth Friendly Shampoo, body wash and cream can be used on baby straight away too, giving both of you the best start for your new journey together as a family.

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