Wiki Places for Kids this Half Term

Half term is nearing us parents. Yes I know… already! I swear we just said goodbye to Christmas holidays and the kids are off again. Well don’t be afraid savy parents, a wonderful website has arrived that will end our woes to ‘what shall we do for a week?!’

Wiki Places for Kids is technically a wikipedia or trip advisor for fun things to do with Kids! I know… so clever. Recently started up by Susie Lodge and her lovely recruit of helper parents, Wiki Places for Kids is a guide where anyone can get involved in posting and everyone can get involved in using the trip functions.

From hidden gems in your local area to fabulous holidays abroad, Susie has conjured a large amount of reviews and places to take your little ones of all ages during those days when you really cannot think of what to do now.

The idea behind the website is brilliant as is the function. With an easy to use search bar, all you need to do is select a few options and/or type in the destination and voila the screen fills up with places, trips and ideas. You can select the desired destination for example; The Eden Project or Kew Gardens and a short blurb will pop up written by a parent detailing their experiences and a link to the website or their blog post (if they have talked about it personally). You will also find other options in the blurb section like – age, facilities, type of trip, how many parent stars it has been rated and much more. On the home page you will find a selection of Toddler groups, Baby groups and soft play areas so you can easily join in and meet other parents helping to create a wonderful parent tribe suited just for you.

So don’t fear this half-term, be it rain or shine Wiki Places for Kids will have somewhere for you to go, and as all these destinations are rated by other parents – you know you won’t go wrong when using this service, as you will be fully prepared for your next little or big adventure as a family.


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