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Big sibling present is something that has been a rage from quite a while now. So when we found out about Mr A, we knew we would need to do something special for Z.

Z loves presents as does anyone who is 3, so to help the bonding process and the reality of some one else being the baby rather than her prompted us to invest some serious thought into something really special for her as a keepsake but at the same time an enjoyable gift.

As she has lots of toys we ruled that out, but as she loves reading (being read to), a book was definitely a gift to consider. Whilst doing our research we found a few books that were personalised but what I really wanted was a Big sister personalisation. After weeks of searching, facebook popped up an advert for Writing for Tiny, (they must have realised how desperate I was).

After exploring the website I fell in love with the perfect book! The site was easy to work with as all you needed to do was choose a theme for your book then create the characters from the different options available. Once you had done this, there would be a mock up of the book online and voila – if you’re happy you order.

The story was perfect as it was the process Z had gone with us when finding about her little baby and the different emotions or thoughts she may have had during the 9 months of baby waiting. The animal characters answered the different questions which she may have had and the family time sections were everything we had done with Z whilst preparing for baby to turn up. For example setting up the nursery, choosing toys and clothes, watching mummy’s tummy grow.

The finished product when it arrived was faultless – it was the perfect size for little hands, the colours were bright and the story was encapsulating. The only thing I would personally say that would have been good to do – especially for little kids would be to have the cover as a hard back print rather than a paper covering the hard back. I have this paranoia that the paper would get lost somewhere or torn because it is not attached to the book. But that was the only thing that was a downside to me.

We decided to present this beautiful gift when Z would come and see her little brother in hospital for the first time. We had it wrapped up in beautiful paper and written a card from her brother to her. The gift was going to be from and we told her that he had brought it with him when he came out of mummy’s tummy. (This journey has taught this little 3 year old a lot about pregnancy)!

When she received it, she was over the moon that her brother had thought of her. But when she started to read through it and look at all the pictures she fell in love with it. The book helped her recognise what she had been through which made her see herself in the main character. She was overjoyed that she was in the book and so was her mum and dad. Which kid wouldn’t like to see a book about them?

Writing for Tiny have come up with such a brilliant concept and the quality of the books are fantastic. If you are looking for something extremely special for your little one that is going through a big change in life – these books are the way to go.

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