About Us

We are a family run business - juggling life, work, family, kids and everything in between whilst burning the candle into the night after bedtime. Our dream is simple - to create a business around something we love for the people we love in order to give them more 'US' time; making our work-life balance a little more better than it was. So come meet us here at the Bubble - Mum Heena, Dad Hussein, Big Sister Z and Mr A - the little monkey of the family.

At Mummys Bubble we pride ourselves in creating handmade products in the UK from our little studio at home. Each item is lovingly created and packaged by us in our recyclable packaging. We strive to make sure our quality is 100% and every item produced has been checked so we adhere to all our safety standards.

Each item has been thoughtfully designed with the customer or in most cases little customer in mind. The ideas are tried on my own little one before launching – making sure it is something that is suitable for other families. As a maker I am self-taught at all my crafts and work tirelessly to provide designs and combinations that are not on the market.

We love to work with our customers to make sure the items created are unique to each person. This way we are creating a keepsake rather than an item to only be cherished for a short period of time.