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Ghost Blue Halloween Pom Pom Garland - Felt Ball Nursery Decor

Ghost Blue Halloween Pom Pom Garland - Felt Ball Nursery Decor

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This Ghost Blue Halloween felt wool pom pom garland is the perfect decoration for your home. This beautiful addition will add a burst of colour to your child's bedroom, playroom or birthday party.

Each felt ball used in this ghost blue halloween garland is handmade in Nepal using 100% New Zealand wool. The balls measure approx 2cm in diameter. They are hand strung by me onto white cotton cording.

The felt balls are not fixed into place so can be adjusted to suit your look. The felt balls do not take up the entire length of the string (the length of the string is longer than the amount of felt balls so you can space them out as you like). Please see the image which shows the felt balls spaced out.

There are no loops at the ends of the garland in case you prefer to tie it onto an object. However loops can be added if you require. Each pom pom ball is hand felted so size and colour may vary.

Our ghost blue halloween felt ball garland consists of the following colours:
Ivory, Duck Blue, Grey and Pastel Blue Felt balls with Ivory Ghosts

Our felt ball garland is available in the following length:
100cm - 24 balls and 3 ghosts

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We strive to use as little to no plastic in our products and packaging. Our garlands come strung around A5 card and are wrapped in unbleached tissue paper before being placed in a recyclable cardboard box. We use paper tape where needed to seal the box.
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