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Pumpkin Pom Pom Flowers, Felt Ball Bouquet Room Decor

Pumpkin Pom Pom Flowers, Felt Ball Bouquet Room Decor

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These pumpkin felt wool pom pom flowers are the perfect decoration for your home. The bouquet of flowers do not wither and give an instant pop of colour to any room or occasion.

Each felt ball used in these pumpkin flowers is handmade in Nepal using 100% New Zealand wool. The balls measure approx 2cm in diameter. They are hand glued by me onto a Bamboo stick.

Each pom pom ball is hand felted so size and colour may vary.
Full Length of one Flower is approx 22cm.

Our pumpkin felt ball flowers consist of the following colours:
Ivory, Cream, Black and Hazel felt balls

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